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The trouble with writing a series in a complex fantasy world with a concrete ending is that one must tie up all loose ends. As I struggle to finish the third and last installment of the Eden series, tentatively entitled SAVING EDEN, I don’t want to leave any of the characters mentioned in books one or two hanging in the wind. Since I seem to have written in a mother-load of characters (ashamedly now considering doing one of those character glossary lists at the beginning of the third book so common in fantasy), I must do them justice.

I’m currently struggling with Natalya, the vampire queen, who had yet to appear in this third book until what is ostensibly now three-quarters of the way through my manuscript. I hadn’t worried much about her. The last I saw her she had attended Rachel’s coronation and pledged undying loyalty to Rachel near the end of book two. However, she’s no longer a happy camper.

I don’t have the intention of involving her in much additional drama, but she deserves for her protests to be noted and to make peace with the current story situation. She’s no villain, but even if she were a villain, I like my villains. Even when they have to die.

Don’t worry Natalya, I have no intention of killing you. Plus, you weren’t a villain anyway.  Not that I have not been known to kill good guys. Still, I do have to do something with you. I guess you’ll have to wait for the book to be published to find out exactly what that is.


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