The End

Done! I finished the first draft of the third Eden book. I had tentatively been naming the novel Saving Eden, although the crowds are making noise about choosing another name. We will see. Now I will be on the hunt for some solid critiques in order to move this puppy forward. As my former publisher is now out of business, I am looking into the process of self-publishing all three of the books. That means new cover art and some small editing changes to the original two novels. Stay tuned. I am thrilled to have finished the draft. It has been many years since I finished a manuscript. Too many. And I hope the readers will feel their patience has been rewarded. Enjoy summer everyone.


So yesterday I was telling my sons that I had completed a pivotal scene between my protagonist, Rachel, and one of the uber-antagonists in the story. Death ensued. I shared how my kick-ass heroine had finally killed her adversary, a dagger thrust to the heart. My youngest scoffed. He told me how difficult it was to kill someone this way and questioned the length of the blade I had used.

At that point I knew I’d made a mistake. He immediately suggested I consider a much simpler slice to the carotid artery on the neck. Okay, this seems like a rather bloodthirsty discussion to be having with your children, but there is a strange joy that comes when I can share the creation of stories with my family. There have been a handful of times I’ve tapped extended family for special knowledge or ideas for my books. Each and every time it has brought me happiness. I am folding in all of the precious and diverse pieces of my life and identity into my stories. That makes their creation richer.

You’ll be pleased to know I am roughly three chapters away from finishing the first draft of SAVING EDEN (title tentative). It’s been a long road from the time I began this series. Life has thrown curves along the way. But if I can bring an end to Rachel’s story, I will have successfully created, helped grow and celebrated the lives of dozens of characters in that story world. Putting so many lives to rest is a strange idea, but one I kind of like.


I love dragons. They appear as characters in my Eden series, but my next project will include them as a story focus. I impulsively purchased a dragon pendant this morning from www.allnaturalarts.com.


Isn’t she beautiful?

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was restful and enriching. Mine was, as I got to spend it with some of my favorite people. No dragons, however.

You can’t have everything.



Loose Ends

The trouble with writing a series in a complex fantasy world with a concrete ending is that one must tie up all loose ends. As I struggle to finish the third and last installment of the Eden series, tentatively entitled SAVING EDEN, I don’t want to leave any of the characters mentioned in books one or two hanging in the wind. Since I seem to have written in a mother-load of characters (ashamedly now considering doing one of those character glossary lists at the beginning of the third book so common in fantasy), I must do them justice.

I’m currently struggling with Natalya, the vampire queen, who had yet to appear in this third book until what is ostensibly now three-quarters of the way through my manuscript. I hadn’t worried much about her. The last I saw her she had attended Rachel’s coronation and pledged undying loyalty to Rachel near the end of book two. However, she’s no longer a happy camper.

I don’t have the intention of involving her in much additional drama, but she deserves for her protests to be noted and to make peace with the current story situation. She’s no villain, but even if she were a villain, I like my villains. Even when they have to die.

Don’t worry Natalya, I have no intention of killing you. Plus, you weren’t a villain anyway.  Not that I have not been known to kill good guys. Still, I do have to do something with you. I guess you’ll have to wait for the book to be published to find out exactly what that is.

Sci-fi variety portal.  Image courtesy of digitalhealth.net

You may have noticed that I have been missing in action for several years from this blog, and even my website. Life has thrown me curves, but I am happy to say that I have found my way back to my writing life. I am actively working on the third book in my Eden series entitled SAVING EDEN.

My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, is inactive, so I hope to pursue self-publishing this third novel when it is completed. If I’m lucky I can republish updated versions of the first two novels as well.

Stay tuned.



Although my writing guides are a pair of spirits named Heather and Henry, (Really, I discovered this when I went to a psychic this year.) I’m not referring to them this time around.

Instead, I’m talking about the wonderful and FREE on-line writers conference known as The Muse Online Writers Conference.

I’m presenting there on Thursday, October 6th about considerations for building a multi-volume fantasy series. I’m not sure whether it is too late to register, but for those already registered, please feel free to drop by. I am part of the great number of Crescent Moon Press authors hosting seminars throughout the week. Search for us under Crescent Moon Press.