Loose Ends

The trouble with writing a series in a complex fantasy world with a concrete ending is that one must tie up all loose ends. As I struggle to finish the third and last installment of the Eden series, tentatively entitled SAVING EDEN, I don’t want to leave any of the characters mentioned in books one or two hanging in the wind. Since I seem to have written in a mother-load of characters (ashamedly now considering doing one of those character glossary lists at the beginning of the third book so common in fantasy), I must do them justice.

I’m currently struggling with Natalya, the vampire queen, who had yet to appear in this third book until what is ostensibly now three-quarters of the way through my manuscript. I hadn’t worried much about her. The last I saw her she had attended Rachel’s coronation and pledged undying loyalty to Rachel near the end of book two. However, she’s no longer a happy camper.

I don’t have the intention of involving her in much additional drama, but she deserves for her protests to be noted and to make peace with the current story situation. She’s no villain, but even if she were a villain, I like my villains. Even when they have to die.

Don’t worry Natalya, I have no intention of killing you. Plus, you weren’t a villain anyway.  Not that I have not been known to kill good guys. Still, I do have to do something with you. I guess you’ll have to wait for the book to be published to find out exactly what that is.

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You may have noticed that I have been missing in action for several years from this blog, and even my website. Life has thrown me curves, but I am happy to say that I have found my way back to my writing life. I am actively working on the third book in my Eden series entitled SAVING EDEN.

My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, is inactive, so I hope to pursue self-publishing this third novel when it is completed. If I’m lucky I can republish updated versions of the first two novels as well.

Stay tuned.



Although my writing guides are a pair of spirits named Heather and Henry, (Really, I discovered this when I went to a psychic this year.) I’m not referring to them this time around.

Instead, I’m talking about the wonderful and FREE on-line writers conference known as The Muse Online Writers Conference.

I’m presenting there on Thursday, October 6th about considerations for building a multi-volume fantasy series. I’m not sure whether it is too late to register, but for those already registered, please feel free to drop by. I am part of the great number of Crescent Moon Press authors hosting seminars throughout the week. Search for us under Crescent Moon Press.


If you haven’t caught the announcement on the Crescent Moon Press blog, please visit and scroll down for the big announcement about the grand prize winner of our blog tour scavanger hunt. Thank you everyone for making this a fun contest and check back for future games. CMP is a fun place to hang, so check us out.

Congratulations to John Marani for winning my contest from the fabulous Crescent Moon Press Memorial Day Blog Tour event. John, you win a gardening kit. I’ll contact you with shipping questions.

The scavenger hunt was loads of fun for myself and all of the other CMP authors and I hope everyone who sent in answers had a blast. Thank you for playing.

And tune in to the Crescent Moon Press blog on June 4th for the announcement of the grand prize winner. Let’s see who walks away with a brand new Kindle or Nook.

Crescent Moon Press Blog Tour! The Fun Continues Here…

Welcome to the continuation of the Crescent Moon Memorial Weekend Bash! This three day blog tour is wrapping up its final day, Thursday, May 26th. I’m Michelle Picard and I hope you enjoy taking a look around my virtual home to help you on your way to winning lots of cool prizes. The grand prize drawing for the blog hop is your choice of Nook or Kindle, so I’ll cross my fingers for you. If you’re joining the tour late, you can still win. Just visit the CMP blog for the list of all the participating authors and visit each site to face their quest challenges. Don’t worry, you have until the very end of the day to visit all the sites.

Below is the scavenger challenge from my site that will qualify you to win your very own gardening kit–just the thing to grow your own Garden of Eden. And because my novels are set in Eden, I’m always thrilled to encourage fellow gardeners to grow their own magic.

Steps to Quest Success:

1) Follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

2) Email me at michelle@michellepicard.com with the answer to this question: What are the seven magical races that Rachel (my heroine) leads? HINT–visit my books page on my website at www.michellepicard.com  and read the book blurbs to find the list.

3) Visit the next stop on the blog hop, the virtual home of the lovely Penelope Marzec www.penelopemarzec.blogspot.com. After Penelope there are just two more stops to go, with the last at the CMP blog itself. You’re almost there.

Good luck and thanks for playing!



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